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Beit HaChayal, Tel Aviv
60 Weizman

Date Event Name Artist Price
20:30Inconnu à cette adresse Tel AvivThierry Lhermitte₪210 - ₪270Beit HaChayalReview 
20:30L'être ou pasSteve SuissaBeit HaChayalReview 
20:30Horowitz Le pianiste du siècleFrancis Huster ₪270Beit HaChayalReview 
20:30Francois Xavier DemaisonFrançois-Xavier Demaison₪270Beit HaChayalReview 
"The HaBima Theater is not just an artistic institution – it is the cornerstone of the revival of the Hebrew language and culture as well as designing the culture of life in Israel itself.”

AB Yehoshua, Amos Oz, David Grossman and Yehoshua Sobol, in their letter to the Minister of Education, dated 27.04.2005

Every night, when the curtain goes up in the HaBima National Theater, a dream which began in Moscow in 1913 and came to fruition in Tel Aviv, is reborn as it captivates its audiences time and again. According to the traditions of founders Hannah Rubina, and Aaron Baskin, the HaBima is still devoted to promoting unique theater - to create and foster a new generation of leading actors and theater professionals.

The HaBima Theater has been, is and will continue to reflect the Israeli cultural “mood” since its foundation and is committed to the promotion and perpetuation of the Hebrew language and its culture. Memorializing the State of Israel –committing the design of its identity to posterity, via plays, special events and theater seminars with the young people and more peripheral communities, few of whom have had the opportunity to see experience professional theater.
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