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Date Time Title Location Price Hall
29/10/2017 21:00 Le Violon de mon Père Museum For Arts, Tel Aviv ₪180 Museum For Arts Order

Gilbert Montagne

Blind from birth, at the age of 5 years, Gilbert Montangne enters a special school, where he learns the piano for the first time and pursues classical studies for nearly 10 years.

 The age of 16 years old he haunts the corridors of recording companies and finally he managed to recorder his first album, which, unfortunately had no success.

Being fascinated by the United States, he joins his sister, who has already lived there and starts to play in piano bars. He is passionate by soul music and jazz.

His first success Montagne gets in 1971 due to Salvator Adamo, the producer, who took him to London. There, in London they record “The Fool”- the song that has been at the first place in 12 countries!

From this very moment Gilbert Montagne becomes popular. He is only 20 when he appears at the stage of Olympia!


And even now Montagne can’t imagine his life without a scene, his music is his oxygen. 

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